My Android Box does not verify the legality or security of any applications covered on this Website.

None of the streaming applications mentioned or described here are hosted on this website. We only provide links to locations where apps may be downloaded and updated for our viewers, followers and subscribers.

Streaming movies, TV shows and live TV station streams is legal in Canada. For more information about this subject, please see this informative article written by Canadian lawyer and copyright law expert Michael Geist: http://goo.gl/HWkvr4
However, downloading copyrighted content is illegal and we strongly advise against it. That being said, one should always use a VPN in conjunction with free or low-cost streaming solutions to protect their security from their ISP and potential hackers. Here is our article on what we believe to be the best and lowest cost VPN solution on the planet: http://goo.gl/XyHG11

Your Internet Service Provider, government, and hackers may log what you are accessing online if you aren’t connecting through a VPN.

Instead of trying to keep this page current at all times, we have opted for a new method of updating and installing the newest streaming apk’s. This will now be handled by the “Troypoint Rapid App Installer”.

Please click here to read about this easy way to keep your Android TV Box updated with the newest and best streaming apps.

(Always remember to uninstall the old version of an app first, before installing an updated or replacement version.
With most TV boxes, this can be done by using the remote to select the app and then pressing the menu key on the remote)

NEW! Here is a nice tutorial on uninstalling and installing Android apps: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vVM0TtJFw7o