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Keeping your Android TV box up-to-date can be difficult, because the current state of streaming apk’s is always in flux. Your streaming apps may stop working, buffer constantly or even completely disappear from the market. Keeping your TV box updated and working happily can become a challenge… offers a solution, with a constantly and consistently updated list of the best current streaming apk’s for your Android TV Box. Instructions are also provided for installing them.

Additionally, there is a poll provided for you to vote on your own favorite streaming apk. Be sure to visit

If you choose to subscribe to Troypoint, you will also be offered his Troypoint Rapid App Installer that can always download, install and/or update all of the latest top streaming apk’s from one single easy-to-use app. Please be aware that Mr. Troy seems rather insistent that you need to get his choice for a VPN in order for your TV box to function securely. This is how he provides revenue for his site and all of the excellent work that he does on our behalf. Obtaining the Rapid App Installer also requires subscribing to his Troypoint Newsletter. However, the newsletter always has an unsubscribe link at the bottom if you do not wish to receive further email from Troypoint. Please be aware, that since streaming tv and tv series is legal in Canada, a VPN is mostly optional for Canadian Android Box users, unless you are actually downloading torrents and other copyrighted content.

Here is an excellent video tutorial at Youtube that shows how to use the Troypoint Rapid App Installer to enhance and update your Android TV Box:




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  • I have zero experience with Firestick and only have experience with TV boxes. I would recommend that you try contacting Troy at Troypoint,com concerning this matter.

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