Choosing The Best VPN: Why Is Getflix The Best VPN For Your Android TV Box?

On choosing the best VPN: Get Netflix!
On Choosing The Best VPN:

Taking your time to make the right decisions when choosing the Best VPN for your Android TV Box can really pay off in the long run. If you already own, or are thinking of buying an Android TV Box, then you really need to consider using Getflix as your VPN provider. The Getflix 2 year subscription plan is simply the lowest cost VPN (Virtual Private Network) option on the planet, with price offerings as low as USD $2.29 or about CAN $3.00 per month.

Why do you need a world class VPN for your Android TV Box? The main reason you need a VPN, is because your internet provider actually monitors all of the traffic on the connection that it provides you. Your ISP can and will throttle down certain types of traffic passing through the network. Using a VPN will encrypt (make completely unreadable) all traffic between you and any other connection point on the internet. While your VPN is active, there is no way for the ISP (or any other entity!) to determine what your data stream actually contains. This means your VPN connection will have the highest possible level of security attainable, whether you are using Skype, visiting an adult site, streaming a movie, sharing a file or simply chatting with friends.

Getflix is also one of the highest rated VPN services in the world. I have used it personally for nearly 3 years and there have been zero interruptions in service, thus far. If you are curious about a second opinion, please read the independent review, here. If you do decide to subscribe to Getflix VPN however, please be sure to return to this page and click on one of my links in color red to sign up. In this way, I will receive a small compensation for your subscription referral to Getflix.

Getflix VPN offers the following features:

  • Lowest possible cost
  • Total privacy and security while browsing, online banking email, etc.
  • Choose from more than twenty “regions of presence” including UK and USA
  • Zero logging of your activity on the VPN
  • Capable of very high speeds, no speed throttling and bandwidth is unlimited
  • Extremely reliable
  • No DNS or IP leaks
  • Works on multiple platforms: Windows, Mac, Android, Playstation, XBox, Apple TV, etc.
  • Can be used with any kind of connection: DSL, cable internet, satellite, 3G and 4G, even dial-up internet
  • One account supports up to three separate connected devices. If installed onto a router, even more devices can be connected. Depending on the the speed of your connection, up to 20 devices or more.
  • Supports four different encryption protocols
  • Has servers all over the world. This means you can use this service to connect to US Netflix and other USA only, blocked streaming services like Pandora Radio etc. for the greatest content selection available

For Android TV Boxes, I highly recommend installing Getflix on a powerful, premium level, dedicated router. Installing the Getflix VPN on a dedicated router means that all of the encryption and decryption will take place via the powerful cpu inside the router. This also means it that the VPN will not in any way affect the streaming performance of your Android TV Box. Thus, 100% of your TV box’s processing power will be available for processing your video streaming and other applications.

Setting up your VPN on a dedicated router is no simple task. Soon, I will be selling pre-configured Getflix routers for people who want a VPN router that is “plug-and-play” and requires minimal configuration.

However, if you do wish to try setting up Getflix VPN on a powerful, high performance router yourself, here is what I recommend:

  • Be sure to purchase a router with a CPU speed of 700 mhz or higher.
  • A dual processor router will provide higher performance than a single processor router.
  • Make sure it is compatible with DDWRT open source firmware. A complete list of DDWRT compatible routers can be found here.
  • The DDWRT “Open VPN” feature requires a router with at least 8MB of flash memory.

Two routers that I have successfully setup with DDWRT Open VPN, are D-link DIR-862L (700mhz) and Netgear R6300 V2 (Dual core, 800mhz).

On eBay, one can buy a used DIR-862L for about USD $40 and Netgear R6300 V2 can be had for about USD $80.

The Getflix tutorial for setting up Open VPN on a DDWRT enabled router can be found here:

Soon, I will write a nice, long, step-by-step addition to this post on this very subject of configuring a DDWRT based router for Open VPN and Getflix. Watch for it.

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