TDUK Channel: The Best Place On Youtube to Find Information and Updates For Your Android TV Box

There is certainly no shortage of self proclaimed “Kodi Box” and “Android TV Box” experts on Youtube. However, the truth is that many of these “experts” are way more interested in shameless self promotion and the hard cash that comes from thousands of Youtube views than their subscriber’s best interests.

These so-called “experts” will put up information about nearly anything imaginable, without ever considering the real needs of their subscribers for a second. The worst of these “anythings” are called “Kodi Builds” which will completely ruin and blow away your current Kodi setup. I just hope you have a backup of your Kodi before trying one of these “builds”. If you need to know how to back up your Kodi, please see my previous post here: How To Back Up Kodi On Your Android TV Box.

TDUK’s “TechDoctorUK” Channel on Youtube is my main “go to” information hub on Youtube for several reasons:

  • TDUK gives the most straightforward and clear explanations of everything he shares on his channel without any hyperbole.
  • TDUK’s tutorials are perfectly paced for the average user. You won’t need to rush or stop the video to keep up.
  • TDUK updates his channel with something truly great nearly every day.
  • TDUK has his own download channel on DroidAdmin that contains easy and quick access to download all the updated apk’s that are described on his Youtube channel.

So what are you waiting for? Get on over to TDUK’s Youtube channel RIGHT NOW for access to the very latest, greatest and BEST FREE Live TV, Movie and TV Program apk’s on the entire internet!

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